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Are you looking for a way to move from Exchange Server to Office 365?

Cutover migration, Hybrid migration, and Staged migration are all manual methods that can be used to migrate data from one platform to another. Due to their complexity and limitations, these methods are not suitable for a high-volume Exchange to Office 365 migration.

Therefore, I recommend using the Shoviv Office 365 Migration tool, a professional third-party method, to migrate Exchange to Office 365 quickly and securely.

Migration tool: Shoviv Office 365

This flawless utility from Shoviv helps to migrate Exchange data and folder hierarchy to Office 365 while maintaining the integrity of Exchange data. It has a wide range of advanced capabilities.

Intuitive incremental export:

If there is an interruption in the migration process, the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool provides an outstanding incremental export feature to resume the migration process.

The following are some of the tool’s features:

  • In the case of the Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool, there is no limit on the number of Exchange mailboxes that can be processed.
  • It has a Message Class and Item Date filter option.
  • To be certain of the migration, the tool provides a real-time log report.
  • This Exchange to Office 365 tool has a free trial version that can process up to 50 items per folder.

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