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Key Things to Know Before Applying For An ESA – 2021 Guide 


ESAs also help to provide a structure to the lives of their handlers. Many people suffer from a lack of conscientiousness and order, which reduces their capacity to maintain a schedule in their lives. By being responsible for providing their emotional support animals, such as an emotional support dog letter, with their daily needs like timely meals, and a walk outdoors, people gain a purpose and structure in their life. These animals help their handlers by making them more responsible, which also prepares them for the demands of the external world.



But to enjoy extra protection and accessibility with these emotional support animals, you need to have an ESA letter that shows your need for the animal for your mental well-being. Seeing this need, many scammers tend to lure such people into buying their fraudulent ESA letter-providing services. Below are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before getting an ESA letter.


The first thing you need to consider before getting an ESA Letter from an online service is whether or not the medical health provider the service is connecting you with fits the criteria of an ESA license provider. The health provider that writes the ESA letter should be practicing in some form of mental health domain, such as psychology, psychiatry, or psychological therapy.


The ESA letter might also be issued by a licensed clinical social worker practicing within your state. Also, the mental health provider should be licensed in the state that you are getting your ESA letter from. Often companies that offer fake or fraudulent ESA letters provide these letters bearing the license numbers of licensed mental health providers that are not currently practicing. Thus, you need to consider all these things, that the letter is provided by a mental health provider that is currently practicing within your state.


Another thing that should be done to avoid online scams regarding ESA letters is to ask these providers to send a blank copy of the ESA letter. This way, you can ensure that the letter that you are ordering has all the relevant details. These include the name, specialization, and license of the mental health provider. There are also sections for the animal type, name, and certification number.


A red flag that is to be avoided at all costs is companies that promise instant services. That is, they offer to complete your license within a short period of time. It is to be noted that getting an ESA letter is a lengthy process that often involves a considerable amount of time to be completed. In food diet can dogs eat blueberries, yes they can. Blueberries are a superfood rich in energy and antioxidants. First, the ESA service providers are supposed to link you to the licensed mental health provider.


The mental health provider then performs an analysis on you to determine whether or not the mental health problem you have can be improved with the aid of an emotional support animal. When the licensed mental health provider makes the final decision, only then the letter is supposed to reach you in a matter of a few days. So, avoid scammers that offer to provide shortcuts to bypass the due process for an ESA letter.



An important section on any ESA letter is its issue date and expiration date. It is to be noted that ESA letters are only valid for a year, after which they have to be issued again. The issue and expiry date are especially important in an ESA letter for housing, as the landlords or residence providers will often want to see the validity dates of such documents and can ask you to renew the ESA letter if it has expired. Thus, it is advised that you check for the valid issue and expiry date of the ESA letter being provided to you. And in the case the ESA letter being offered by the online service does not have valid dates, you should refuse to accept the letter and refrain from getting the ESA letter from that service.


You can also determine the legitimacy of an ESA service provider by having a look at their website or payment page. Legitimate websites have secured connections, and their URLs start with an https instead of an http. The in https stands for secure which means that the connection to the website is secure and the data that you enter to the website would not be misused. Another indication of a secure website is the sign of a padlock that appears on the left side of the URL bar. If the payment page does not have this sign, this is a clear sign that something about the service is fishy.


And finally, the ESA letter that the service is providing should contain an official letterhead. In delicious fruits, can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, Strawberries are full of fiber. The official letterhead means that the ESA letter is trustable and comes from an authentic source. If the letterhead containing the organization numbers and details regarding the license they provide is not displayed at the top of the ESA letter, this would be an indication that the ESA service provider is engaging in fraudulent activity.


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