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    • Linda Rogers

      Hi. I’m Linda, and I live in Alabama. I’m late to the group, but I’ve been a George MacDonald reader for many years. I was introduced when an AWANA leader gave me one of the novels edited by Michael Phillips. She specifically told me that I probably wouldn’t really like it yet, but to give it a year or two and then I would love it- I was about 10. She was right. I have read pretty much every bit of George MacDonald fiction that I can get my hands on, but I just can’t seem to enjoy the non-fiction. I know I should, but it feels like eating my vegetables, and I have actually learned much more through the stories anyway. I have read Phantastes, and found it magical but also mystifying. While I could grasp pieces of it, I know that I missed far more than I understood. There was meaning there that I just couldn’t understand, like listening to a conversation in a different language. I’m hoping that with more age/experience and with other people to help explain things to me, I will understand more this time.

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