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Physics at school: 7 things that piss us off terribly


1. The subject seems too complicated due to mathematics

Few thought, but in physics problems from physics itself – only drawings and drawing up a system of equations. Then banal mathematics begins, about which there are no warning stickers on textbooks. As a result, all the students’ aspirations break up against the mathematical life, extinguishing the desire to comprehend the secrets of the Universe. Yes , and all Do children need so many problems? Even a Math student can understand physics if you reduce the number of problems and teach him to notice and describe phenomena.



2. The material that is explained in the lessons is not related to the present tense.  

Will Stephen Hawking manage to deliver mini-robots to the nearest star system Alpha Centauri in twenty years ? And that this did Isaac Newton in 1687, that in 2016 people are willing to part with $ 3.7 million dollars, only to buy a rare edition of his scientific works on auction of Christie’s ? All these stories unfold here and now, and clearly sound more attractive than a banal problem with voltmeters and ammeters. These stories immerse the student in the context of modern physics, helping to understand how huge its world is. Why should n’t we teachers be lazy and follow the development of modern science and use these examples? Tell, for example, how Elon Musk launches reusable rockets, what to do to make the phone work longer on a single charge. But, alas, while most students get stuck on the basics of science and lose sight of all the “beauty, excitement and magic of physics.”


3. Too many tasks with too little reality 

How many problems can be solved with abstract “bodies” and “objects”? The time has come to work with specific conditions: how long will it take for Americano coffee to cool down if you walk with it down the street at minus 10 degrees; and if cappuccino – something will change? (Spoiler – very much will change.) Or how fast do you need to turn on the longboard to fit into the turn, calculating the friction force between the wheels and the asphalt? We are sure that teachers will be surprised how many people want to solve this problem (and at the same time find out how many longboarders are in the class ). If you can’t solve the problem, try using the essay help




4. Need more practice

A conditional student has learned to solve problems, learned formulations and laws, can write any formula. But why should he ? Vasya still needs to learn how to apply it. More practice! Take an example from robotics and prototyping circles . At one time, we took children’s excursions to FabLab , where there is a bunch of different modern machines – from a 3D printer to laser cutters. There, children see live what physics is, why a modern laser cannot always cut metal, or why wood is not suitable for 3D printing. Theory apart from practice is boring and uninteresting, especially if we are talking about schoolchildren. It is important to talk about how the TV remote control , the switch button or the main attribute of the kitchen – the refrigerator – works .



5. You need to prepare for the subject at school in advance  

Are the children really ready for the 7th grade physics course ? Not. Physics teachers for some reason spend part of their time (and well, if only part) on improving the mathematics of children. At the end of the 7th grade is converted into a mathematical torture: torture and on algebra, and on the geometry and on the physics. Everything is incomprehensible and complicated. In such a situation, love for an object is a relationship in spite of it.


6. Who needs a physics textbook ? 

Admit it: how many times did you open a physics textbook at school? No, not in order to write off a formula on the test, but in order to read a paragraph, say, about the Carnot cycle. “Excellent” by the physicist does not mean that you are her love, or know, but the converse is – if you love and understand physics – good grades do not keep you waiting. In Ideally, the teacher should teach not so much physics as the love of it, and the information the student must receive from the textbook. Modern textbooks should contain relevant examples and in it too certainly not be large sheets abstract text. Each paragraph is rather a couple of pages on which the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine is disassembled and the role of the Carnot cycle in this process is described . In the end, you can run through these couple of pages even during recess before class. Nevertheless, if you still do not understand anything in physics and you need to earn grades somehow, contact an assistant who will provide you with help with physics



7. From ” Fixies ” to ” Interstellar ”  

Sometimes it happens that schoolchildren learn more about physics from TV series and films than from the stories of a teacher. Seventh graders learn more about the work of various devices only after the animated series ” Fixies “. And about the variety of professions – for example, there are theoretical physicists and experimental physicists – from the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. It’s a sin not to seize the moment and not discuss the Doppler effect, Schrödinger’s cat , gravitational waves, and so on. There are many films for children to watch on their own that can be discussed in class. As soon as the films “The Martian” or ” Interstellar ” were released, interest in physics increased markedly. What knowledge should a person have to survive alone on Mars? You will be surprised, but most of the physical principles used in the films are also found in school. But most often they pass by.




Mollie Wilson