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She tilted her head against Liu Junhao’s knee, while Liu Junhao took the earpick and carefully stretched it out. Their cooperation was quite tacit. In the warm afternoon sun, Zhang Qian leaned on his legs quite comfortably, and soon there were signs of falling asleep. This kind of day is exactly what I want. When I have nothing to do on a sunny day, I sit in the yard and look at the chickens, ducks, dogs and cats. I feed some water when I am thirsty and get some food when I am hungry. Watching them grow up day by day, there is a sense of achievement in my heart. If it rains, then close the door to watch TV series, chat, two people sitting by the computer eating melon seeds, the rain outside the window, the love inside the house. This is life, plain life with a little surprise. I really admire you, so you can fall asleep and get up quickly. “Liu Junhao smiled and patted her on the shoulder.” “Disgusting,” Zhang Qian immediately sat up straight and shouted, “Do you need me to dig for you?” “No, I don’t trust your technique.” “Hurry up,” Zhang Qian urged, Liu Junhao had to tilt his head. I didn’t know she hadn’t started yet,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, but the cell phone in her pants pocket rang. As soon as she looked at the number, Zhang Qian’s good mood disappeared immediately and she let her cell phone ring without answering it. What’s the matter? Whose phone is it? Liu Junhao asked. My second sister-in-law must want something again. Zhang Qian has a headache, and now she is afraid that she will call. Hurry up to pick it up, they may have something urgent to find you at this time. Although Liu Junhao is also quite repugnant to this person, but still opens the mouth to urge. Hello, she had no choice but to get up and answer the phone. After half an hour, Zhang Qian sat back with a smile. A good thing? Seeing that she didn’t have a black face after answering the phone like before,silk ficus tree, Liu Junhao speculated that this time at least Zhou Ping didn’t ask for anything. Guess what the second sister-in-law called me just now? “She won five million in the lottery and cried for half of you?” “I hate it. I just want to do good things. She won’t give it to me if she wins the lottery.”. The second sister-in-law complained to me on the phone just now? It took me nearly half an hour to persuade him. No, why do you look happy when people complain. It’s like I just persuaded someone. You’re not adding fuel to the fire, are you? Liu Junhao looked at her suspiciously. Listening to Zhang Qian narrate the matter carefully, Liu Junhao could not help sighing and said: “It is true that evil people have their own evil people grinding.” It turned out that after Zhou Ping sent the local honey collected from her mother-in-law to her mother’s home, she praised the miraculous effect of the honey, saying that her mother-in-law had only drunk the honey water for less than a month and her body had improved a lot. I didn’t know that this praise was remembered by my sister-in-law, so I transferred it to my mother’s home. This can annoy Zhang Qian’s second sister-in-law, and almost annoy her sister-in-law for taking this honey. Sister-in-law is good, come directly to pick peaches, you can pick peaches, how even half a peach is not left, how can there be such a cheap thing. She forgot that she had taken away the cans and bottles. Zhou Ping angrily argued with her sister-in-law and asked her to bring the honey back from her mother’s home. Who would have thought that her sister-in-law also spoke plausibly, not only did she not mention the matter of honey, but instead said that their family often came to their mother’s home to eat and drink freely, artificial plant wall panels ,large palm trees for sale, and that the honey should be charged interest. At that time, Zhang Qian’s second sister-in-law was so angry that she had seven orifices of smoke. When she had something good, she was the first one who wanted to bring it home. Which time I went back to my mother’s home without bringing anything, but now I am free to eat and take. The two men made more and more noise, and finally the whole family came to fight. But how to look like pulling a partial frame, the whole family is scolding her. Even if the younger brother doesn’t help himself, he doesn’t know that his parents are also partial to his sister-in-law. This made Zhou Ping more and more angry in her heart, so she simply took her son away from her mother’s home and took the gift she bought today with her. When she got home, she was still angry. Even Jianhui shouted that he was hungry and was scolded by her. Finally, the little guy dared not speak any more, so he had to go downstairs secretly and buy a bucket of instant noodles to eat to satisfy his hunger. Zhang Qian’s second sister-in-law sat at home for two hours, and no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t get down smoothly, so she called Zhang Qian. On the other end of the phone, Zhou Ping kept telling her that her sister-in-law was not a thing, that her brother was also a white-eyed wolf, and that she loved him in vain when she was a child. I always feel that your tone is a bit of schadenfreude, “Liu Junhao said with a smile.”. “Where is it?” Zhang Qian quickly pursed her mouth, and then opened her mouth and said, “Who let her be angry with me every time she comes home? This time, let her taste the taste of being angry. Let’s see if she can eat for free next time.” “You, you.” Liu Junhao shook his head, not knowing what to say. But what makes people feel funny is that Zhang Qian’s second sister-in-law’s family is obviously the best, it is really not a family, do not enter a door. I don’t know if Zhou Ping will be a little more restrained after this. Woof, woof.. The five little dogs in the yard barked wildly, trying to get closer to their mother’s arms. But the panther seemed to have changed his temper. As soon as the puppy approached, he immediately whined and warned. If he dared to approach again, he would bite his teeth and fall out, making the little ones scream again and again. Seeing that their mother could not do it, they ran to Xiaopi and made a lot of noise. They kept arching around his body, as if they wanted his father to make decisions. Xiaopi sat firmly on the Diaoyutai, squinting in the sun all the time, ignoring the situation in front of him. Tong Tong looked at the yard in a hurry to help, panting ran over to pull Liu Junhao, “Uncle Liu, don’t play chess, hurry to see the puppy, the mother dog won’t let them nurse.” “Oh, yes.” Liu Junhao answered, but did not get up. It’s almost the full moon, and these little guys are all teething, and it’s time for them to live on their own. You get up quickly. “Tong Tong saw that he was indifferent and became more anxious.”. The little hand pulled on the chessboard, and immediately the chess pieces were scattered on the ground. What are you doing? “Professor Zhao immediately jumped up.”. After playing three games of chess in the morning,decorative palm trees, he lost the first two games. This game was about to win, but it was disturbed by his granddaughter. I went to see what happened to the little dog. “Liu Junhao stood up with a smile and left.” Don’t go, I’m in the army. Professor Zhao was very angry.