About Me

My name is Christine, and I love stories. I think – and often speak – in stories. I like to laugh, and I like to be challenged. I drink hot tea with a splash of milk. I always have chocolate and peppermint on hand. And I’m most comfortable with books nearby.

Books I Love

(How many can I list?)

Anything by my friends with the initials:  C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and L.M. Montgomery.

The Supper of the Lamb

Books about medieval things

Fantasy stories (especially YA-ish, like Robin McKinley) and some sci-fi

Books about children living life nearly a century ago (like The Secret Garden, or E. Nesbit stories)

Mystery stories

Basically . . . everything.

My Kind of Music

I listen to anything that catches my interest, but my go-to jam is folk/bluegrass/Irish…

TV & Movies

I will re-watch Doctor Who and BBC adaptations of Jane Austen novels over and over again.  I will also re-visit lighthearted detective shows like Psych, Castle, and the BBC’s Death in Paradise many times.  And Hart of Dixie makes me laugh every time.

Movies?  Oh goodness.  LOTR, Galaxy Quest, Elizabethtown, Rise of the Guardians, Mulan, Sweet Home Alabama, and anything with Julie Andrews in it, to name a few…

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