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Due to their removable base and variable height, standing workstations with storage are uncommon because it is challenging to install drawers or shelves beneath the desk.
Pencils, pencil sharpeners, charging cords, and other office trash can all be stored on this desk’s tier-style work surface, which also features two tiny drawers and a monitor-raised shelf. It features customizable height presets and motorized controls. The desktop is made of environmentally friendly materials, is a monolithic board that does not require reassembling, has no seams for a smoother and more sturdy desktop, and uses environmentally friendly components. Different frames have varying height ranges, load-bearing capacities, and lifting speeds. They are available in 8 colors and 4 frames.

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FEZiBO offers customized alternatives including two eco-friendly desk materials, seven desk colors, three frame colors, three sizes, and a variety of ergonomic accessories including an ergonomic office chair, balance board, and two-drawer rolling file cabinet, and monitor arms if you want a different style. So you may truly personalize this desk. The desk is big enough to accommodate two computers and three monitors. The electric standing desk for employees who need to utilize a lot of electronic devices is this one that is electric.

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The three-motor, L-shaped standing desk from FEZiBO is quality assured, EPA, CARB ATCM, UL, ETL, and more approved.
With three motors, the desk glides easily and silently, can be swiftly lifted and lowered, and has anti-collision technology to safeguard your things and desk and lessen collision damage.

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Getting the amount of daily movement your body needs to function at its best can be difficult with all the conveniences incorporated into our modern lifestyles. It is simple to understand why sedentary has become the public enemy no. 1 when you consider the enormous change in the workforce over the past 50 years from positions that require exercise and mobility throughout the day to jobs that require lengthy hours at a computer with little physical activity. We must develop ways to be more active during the workplace because more than 80% of the American workforce today works in sedentary positions.
On the other hand, using stand-up desk can significantly lessen employees’ inactivity.

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