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Agricultural Tractor MTZ with the new standard
Two prototype Belarus tractors were on display at the Agro Show held last weekend in Bednary. Belarus 1523.6 and 2122.6 tractors equipped with Belarus 6-cylinder MMZ engines meet the Stage IV exhaust emission standard, using the SCR system. An additional AdBlue tank is located on the right side of the tractor.

AgriDane – agricultural tarctors specs

The units, presented for the first time in Poland, had the power of 150 and 210 hp. They are also equipped with the EHR system facilitating the operation of the working hydraulics, a comfortable seat, front three-point linkage and a gearbox with 24 forward and 12 reverse gears. The manufacturer also intends to produce tractors with 4-cylinder drive units, with a capacity of 90 – 110 HP by the end of the year, meeting the highest emission standards. We are talking about the following models: 922.6, 952.6, 1025.6. In addition, the company’s plans include the presentation of tractors whose engines will be powered by both diesel and gas, and equipped with an electro-hydraulic transmission.