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We have been buying and selling phones, laptops and game consoles since 2000. We buy and sell phones such as  iPhones, SAMSUNGS etc, laptops such as HP, APPLE, ACCER.  We  buy and sell all the latest phones, laptops and game console which are available in the market. We buy our products directly from the manufacturers In addition, we have been  contributing to several tech author’s research papers and technological  articles which are sought out worldwide for advice on buying the best electronic devices in the market at affordable prices.

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Our goal is to offer you the latest phones, laptops and gaming consoles around the world. How do we do that – and what makes this site different from the others? First off we are a Tech shop business, and don’t want to become some huge unreachable, uncaring company. We just want to offer people some quality products at affordable prices. Secondly, our reputation means everything to us. We realize that with every contact, with every purchase, our reputation and integrity are “on the line”. We take that privilege and responsibility very seriously.

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At Tekisale, We strongly believe that everybody who requires a smart phone, computer and gaming console as a work stole or for entertainment should have easy access to it.  So, we want to do everything in our power to make sure that our clients get the very best access to the very best devices they need be it smart phones, computers or gaming consoles Tekisale has to offer. Ultimately, we love high-grade  tech devices and all of its derivatives and we enjoy sharing it with our customers and friends that are in need.

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Tekisale mission is to set “The Gold Standard” in the Tech Market, providing one of the finest  tech stores, overall customer experiences anywhere. Tekisale is one of the world’s leading tech store online selling mostly the latest smart phones, computers and gaming console  Located in the USA. WE have over 20 tech shops all over USA.

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