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The essay given another name can be  essay writer service. It is not surprising to find that several people are still unaware of the similarity. Other things determine similarity such that the names essay and custom writing imply dissimilarity. Well, that depends on what one calls dissimilarity, keeping in mind that synonyms exist, and in a way, a person should think of essay and custom writing as synonyms and not antonyms. This is very interesting to reflect on. Imagine waking up one day looking at the sun penetrating into the room. The first thing that comes to mind is how has it passed in, then all of a sudden one remembers that he or she has two things in mind, namely custom writing and essay. The problem in question is to reflect whether they are synonyms or words that are different altogether. Midday comes and one is fixed on the chair at the balcony still looking lazily at the sky above the large trees that surround the homestead.Then the same problem continues drilling the mind, essay and custom writing, are they the similar? Do they have the same meaning or are they just imitations of each other? The problem now is almost unsolved and one is almost giving up. He or she is aware that the day may end without getting any single answer. But the mind with its usual movement is bouncing the two up and down, essay the first time, essay the second time, custom writing, first, custom writing, second time and it continues ad infinitum until one is completely absorbed in the whole matter. Essay and custom writing better understood mean the same thing.


Wallace Smith