Pete Peterson and John Barber discuss their top 10 films of 2016 and bat around a few Oscar picks.

Our Top 10 Films of 2016


In the previous podcast, we talked with Thomas McKenzie about the novel Silence. In this podcast, we sit down with Mako Fujimura to discuss the the film and his book Silence and Beauty.

Christ-Haunted Japan: Mako Fujimura on Silence and Beauty


Shusako Endo’s Silence is a powerful work of fiction, and is now a feature film by Martin Scorsese. Jonathan Rogers sits down with Thomas McKenzie and Pete Peterson to discuss the enduring power of the book and other similar works like The Power and the Glory.

Martyrs, not Saints: Thomas McKenzie on Endo’s Silence


C. S. Lewis saw George MacDonald as a kind of spiritual and literary father. These days, however, he’s not so widely read. In this episode, Ron Block explains why we should all be reading MacDonald, and how to get started.

What’s So Great About George MacDonald?


Doug McKelvey is a fountainhead of surprising and interesting facts about cassowaries, a kind of prehistoric ninja bird native to Papua New Guinea. His staggering expertise leads to a discussion of the nature of expertise, the relationship between truth and doubt, and the heartache of writer’s block.

Doug McKelvey Tells All About Cassowaries — And That’s Not All


Russ Ramsey and Andrew Osenga have found that jest is an important part of the grieving process. In this episode, they cover sickness, death, floods, and the television show Nashville with unexpected good humor.

Joy Comes in the Mourning


Happy Election Year! If ever we needed a booster shot of civility in public discourse, surely we need it in 2016. In this episode, Thomas McKenzie narrates a series of events in which he is subjected to most uncivil discourse, and A. E. Graham discusses the importance of civility and the via media in her own career as a political speechwriter.

Civil Discourse and the Via Media


Ben Shive is one of Nashville’s great musical collaborators. In this episode, he discusses the calling of the collaborator with Jonathan Rogers and Pete Peterson.

Calling, Collaboration, and the Idols of the Artist


Pete Peterson and John Barber discuss Jeff Nichols’ latest film, Midnight Special.  

Midnight Special


John Barber and Pete Peterson discuss the merits of Batman vs. Superman before moving on to Jeff Nichols’ acclaimed film, Take Shelter.

Batman vs. Superman vs. Michael Shannon


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jenny Youngman recently released her new album titled The Girl with Good Intentions, and in this episode of the Rabbit Room podcast, producer Andrew Osenga interviews Youngman about the creative process and difficulty of making the record.

Interview with Jenny Youngman


In the days before its release, Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn fell in love with Ben Shive’s The Cymbal Crashing Clouds. They decided to corner Ben in the kitchen and make him reveal all his super-secret powers of writing and recording. This podcast is the result.

The Cymbal Crashing Clouds