Joy Comes in the Mourning



  1. Chinwe Edeani


    I love how much you guys laugh in this episode 🙂

    One of the sweetest memories I have from my mother’s funeral is of my aunts, sister, brothers, cousins and I giggling together during the service because of an offhand comment made by one of the Scripture readers. In that moment, I felt like my Mom, who loved to laugh and left us that precious legacy, was there with us, even in our overwhelming grief. It was a dim light in that particular darkness.

    I loved the connection you all make between jest/laughter and hope. It sure gets dark down here but there is HOPE! Thanks and keep the podcasts coming!

  2. Josh Duncan


    In helping people deal with the death of a loved one (I am a hospital chaplain) i have seen how laughter heals. Sometimes people laugh to hold pain at arm’s length, but at its best humor helps mix in the sweet to go soon with the bitter. You know a family is moving forward in their grief when this happens.

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