Our Top Films of 2017


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  1. Rebecca

    I hope you guys do this kind of podcast every year. Here is the total list for anyone else interested.

    John Barber: 10. The Breadwinner 9. I, Tonya 8. The Post 7. It 6. The Florida Project 5. The Big Sick 4. The Work (documentary in Folsom Prison) 3. The Last Jedi 2. The Meyerwitz Stories (Netflix) 1. Phantom Thread.

    Pete Peterson: 10. Alias Grace (tv show) 9. Thor Ragnarok 8. The Last Jedi 7. The Crown, season two (Netflix) 6. Wonder Woman 5. The War for the Planet of the Apes 4. The Handmaid’s Tale, season 1, 3. I, Tonya 2. The Florida Project 1. Mother.

    Other movies and tv shows mentioned favourably: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, A Ghost Story, Doctor Strange.

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