Tales of New Creation (1/3)


This episode is taken from the Hutchmoot 2012 session titled “Tales of New Creation” by Thomas McKenzie, Jennifer Trafton, and Pete Peterson. In this first part (of three) Father Thomas lays down the theological underpinnings of the session in which we discuss the ultimate hope of the Christian faith and the ways in which we engage that hope in our creative efforts.

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  1. Roy Friend


    Thomas, I wanted to ask you about a nuance you seem to have glossed over a bit. You stated that we believe in the resurrection of the dead, not the immortality of the soul. You emphasized this by stating that the idea that our souls will go to another place after death is “theologically corrupt”. Now, I think that you may be hyperbolizing a bit. Certainly the immortality of the soul would be necessary for the soul to exist forever in a resurrected body? And additionally, Christianity has always taught that the holy souls go to Heaven (we’ll skip purgatory for this argument) and are only reunited with their bodies during the Resurrection of the Dead before the General Judgement. Am I right in saying that you’re overemphasizing the Resurrection in order to drive home that human beings are body/soul composites, and are incomplete without their bodies even in Heaven?

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