Season 1 | Episode 2

The Delightful Shiver (Part 1 of 2)


What is it that makes ghost stories so much fun? Is it just that they’re scary and suspenseful and make us jump? Or is something deeper going on? What if these eerie tales of things that go bump in the night are actually lifting the veil and shining light on something real and good and true about the world? In this episode, Andrew Peterson (singer-songwriter, author, and poet) investigates these questions and tries to get at the heart of why these stories fill us with such a delightful shiver.

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  1. Shigé

    This is so awesome! I had to miss this at Hutchmoot, I’m so glad y’all chose to share. The apparent loss of our understanding as Christians of the reality of the spiritual world consistently haunts (no pun intended 😆) my heart. This is a tremendous reminder of that truth, and of the stories that can speak it to us!
    Thanks again

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