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We call Hutchmoot a “conference for everyone,” so it follows that this is a “podcast for everyone.” This series features sessions recorded at the Rabbit Room’s annual conference which celebrates art, music, story, and faith in all their many intersections.

Season 1 | Episode 5

The Importance of Being Silly

Even if you don’t know Phil Vischer, you almost certainly know his work, and his voice. Back in 1993 he introduced audiences to a cast of vegetables that would take the world by storm. VeggieTales was born and twenty-five year later, it’s still going strong. As the creator of Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, Phil has spent a lifetime teaching the Bible and having fun doing it. In this episode, he talks about the serious work of humor and the importance of being silly.

Season 1 | Episode 4

The Art of Hymnody

Kevin Twit and Keith Getty have spent their careers studying and writing the songs of the Church, and in this episode they bring their decades of experience to Hutchmoot to discuss the history and necessity of the art of hymnody.

Season 1 | Episode 3

The Delightful Shiver (Part 2 of 2)

In our last episode, we heard Andrew Peterson talk about his love of ghost stories, and today one of my favorite people leads us a little further down that rabbit hole. Long-time Rabbit Room contributor Lanier Ivester is a deep wellspring of talent, insight, wisdom, and grace. She’s an author, a poet, an essayist, a bookbinder, a sailor, a keeper of bees and sheep, and, as you’ll hear, a lifelong chaser of the delightful shiver a great ghost story offers us.

Season 1 | Episode 2

The Delightful Shiver (Part 1 of 2)

What is it that makes ghost stories so much fun? Is it just that they’re scary and suspenseful and make us jump? Or is something deeper going on? What if these eerie tales of things that go bump in the night are actually lifting the veil and shining light on something real and good and true about the world? In this episode, Andrew Peterson (singer-songwriter, author, and poet) investigates these questions and tries to get at the heart of why these stories fill us with such a delightful shiver.

Season 1 | Episode 1

The Striving Artist

In the Hutchmoot Podcast we’re opening up the archives to share recordings of a variety of speakers and topics from years past. This first episode features someone who has been a part of the Rabbit Room since the very beginning, Russ Ramsey. Russ is a pastor in Nashville, Tennessee, an author of four fantastic books which you can find in the Rabbit Room Store, and as you’ll hear in the talk we’re about to play, he’s a remarkble essayist and a thoughtful appreciator of art, and in particlular, the art of Vincent Van Gogh. This session from Hutchmoot 2017 is called “The Striving Artist.”