Andrew Osenga

Andy Osenga on his new instrumental project, After Lake

By Matt Conner

Andrew Osenga is spinning some new creative plates these days, from a new career focus on helping young, developing artists find their footing to a new online songwriting course to his instrumental project After Lake (iTunes). Read More ›

In the Round: Andy Osenga, “Whatever It Takes”

By Andrew Osenga

This may sound pathetic, but I just pulled this song up on Spotify this morning because I wanted to hear it again. It’s my favorite on this EP and my favorite song I’ve written in a while. Read More ›

Behind the Soul EP

By Andrew Osenga

This is the second of four EPs from the “Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone” collection, each individual project being an exploration of a different genre. Read More ›

RR Interview: Andy Osenga Talks Leonard

By Matt Conner

If it seems the Rabbit Room has been abuzz with a lot of new music lately, that’s because two of our favorite artists have just released their best albums to date within a short span of each other. Both Eric Peters and Andy Osenga Read More ›

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