Eric Peters

Speaking What I Feel: An Interview with Eric Peters

By Matt Conner

The maelstrom of the last few years has proven difficult for singer-songwriter Eric Peters, but the resulting growth has given way to a new set of songs that chronicle those experiences in a meaningful way.

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Song of the Day: Eric Peters, “Mary (A Husband’s Lament)”

By Eric Peters

I wrote “Mary” sometime in 1998/1999, but for reasons I can’t remember, chose not to include it on my 1999 debut solo project, a not-at-all good EP titled, More Than Watchmen. Instead, I later recorded it for my first full-length solo Read More ›

The Beauty of Found Objects: Eric Peters’s Thesis

By Matt Conner

An artist can be identified in part by the materials with which he or she chooses to work. Eric Peters’ work has revolved around a fascination for found objects for quite some time, Read More ›

Eric Peters: A Man With Something to Say

By Matt Conner

“After each album, I always make sure to quit my job. A man only has so much to say.”

Even after conducting what is now thousands of interviews, I still remember that line from a veteran Read More ›

Interview: Eric Peters on Birds of Relocation

By Matt Conner

Birds of Relocation is the new album from Eric Peters and by his own description it is “shockingly bright.” Then again, the artist often described as authentic and vulnerable is quick to assure me that he’ll never be far from the Read More ›

Laughing So As Not to Cry: An Eric Peters Interview–Part I

By S. D. Smith

Note: As I am about to demonstrate to the world, I have no idea how to do a real interview. But Eric Peters, in his mercy, agreed to do one with me. Now I’m thinking of a lot of questions I should have asked, but they Read More ›

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