In the Round

Song of the Day: Eric Peters, “Mary (A Husband’s Lament)”

By Eric Peters

I wrote “Mary” sometime in 1998/1999, but for reasons I can’t remember, chose not to include it on my 1999 debut solo project, a not-at-all good EP titled, More Than Watchmen. Instead, I later recorded it for my first full-length solo Read More ›

In The Round: Cardiff State, “Unhaunted”

By The Rabbit Room

[This week in the round, Katherine Kamin (of Cardiff State) tells us the story behind their song “Undaunted.”]

This song came out of my inability to let things go. Read More ›

In The Round: Andy Gullahorn, “Silent Movie”

By Andy Gullahorn

“Silent Movie” is a song that I wrote with my friend, Jonathan Noel. He was working on a project of his own that was going to have that title and had written an instrumental piece for it. Read More ›

In the Round: Arthur Alligood, “Right Where I Am”

By Arthur Alligood

I wrote “Right Where I Am” in a K-Mart parking lot. No lie. 2014 was a heck of a year for me and I was lost in an ocean of shame, heartache, and grief. Read More ›

In the Round: Andy Osenga, “Whatever It Takes”

By Andrew Osenga

This may sound pathetic, but I just pulled this song up on Spotify this morning because I wanted to hear it again. It’s my favorite on this EP and my favorite song I’ve written in a while. Read More ›

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