Ash Wednesday: An Image, A Song, A Liturgy

By The Rabbit Room

The first in a weekly, six-part Lenten series exploring themes of human frailty and suffering through music, story, and art. This week’s post features an image by Jamin Still, a song by Drew Miller, and a new liturgy by Doug McKelvey from Every Moment Holy, Vol. II.

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Between Breezewood and Narnia: Introducing Zane Vickery

By Jen Rose Yokel

Sometimes, a piece of art emerges out of nowhere and catches you by surprise. For some of us, indie artist Zane Vickery’s debut Breezewood is that kind of record. Built on sweeping piano-pop melodies, heartfelt songwriting, and a deep love for stories (particularly Narnia in this case), these songs feel like the first hints of springtime in the dead of winter, an earnest wrestling with the broken pieces of the past and a longing hope for the future.

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Sehnsucht & the Intensity of Yearning

By Mark Meynell

Loiter, even briefly, near the Rabbit Room and you’ll surely hear the word. And even if you don’t hear it mentioned, you’ll surely sense its impact. There are two reasons, primarily. One, because it preoccupied the Inklings—the original Rabbit Room regulars—especially C. S. Lewis. Two, because it’s one of those aspects of life that seems to require another’s articulation of it before our own awareness of it.

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Album Review: Everything As It Should Be

By Andrew Osenga

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, listening through Andy’s new songs and charting them out for when Gabe and I back him up tomorrow night at his release show. Each time I get to the end of a song I pick up the sheet of fresh graphite numbers to set it on the pile and instinctively shake my head and say to myself, “Dang, that’s a good song.”

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